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Discussion perfect paragraph

Submitted by michaelkim on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:44

Our data in the results section supported the information that was gathered from the studies researched by Lee, Lim, and Litwhiler. According to the luxury effect that affects the reptiles the strongest, the fourth floor should have the greatest number of arthropods since it is the closest to the reptile room. It also has the least amount of foot traffic which is another major factor. Because the first floor has the heaviest human traffic, there were the least amount of arthropods with only three spider webs combining both trials. The second floor only had nine arthropods or signs of arthropods. Third floor had twelve arthropods including dead bugs, live bugs, and spider webs. Fourth floor had eighteen including dead bugs, live bugs, and spider webs combining both trials for all three. Based off of our sources, our data proves the luxury effect and the theory that foot traffic along with the presence of reptiles reduces the number of arthropods.




Towards the end of the paragraph you say "Third floor had...". You should put "The" before it to start the sentence.

I would avoid saying that your data proves these hypothesis. Instead I would say that your data supports the hypothesis.