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497G genetic report intro pp

Submitted by liamharvey on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 13:49

Over the past few years, mail-in DNA testing kits have become exceptionally popular. These kits can be used in several ways. Some kits are focused for those who wish to learn more about their family history. People can use these testing services, which use their DNA to compare in massive proprietary databases, to discover where their family comes from. My own DNA showed ethnicity estimates in seven different regions. I had always thought I was almost completely Irish, but thanks to my DNA test, I now know that is not the case. Websites like AncestryDNA can also be used to help you create a family tree which, with the help of U.S. Census reports and other documents, can trace back your family for generations. I was able to find out about family members from five generations back. Your family tree can also become linked to other family trees when you have ancestors in common. AncestryDNA will also use you DNA test to find other members that your test indicates you are related to you. Ancestry found 159 predicted third and fourth cousins from my test. Other Websites, like 23 and Me, can analyze your DNA to inform you about health conditions. This can be taken further by using you genomic DNA in the website Promethease, which uses studied SNP’s to tell you what your genotype indicates. Here you can find out if you’re more of less likely to have certain diseases. Other SNP’s will indicate if things such as your muscle fiber make up.



since this is your intro I would include what SNP stands for.