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Submitted by sworkman on Wed, 04/11/2018 - 01:09

Many of these experiments have a similar design. They have a way of measuring diversity in the species; when the organism is a type of insect the method to measure is usually setting traps and counting the number of different species.

The different insect species in relation to their indication of different environmental factors has been studied and documented thoroughly, but the diversity of these insects has not been tested in this area. This experiment uses a well-tested method to find biodiversity to discover more about the area in which we live.    



Maybe instead of saying insects throughout your paragraph you can substitute with arthropod or organisms. Overall, concise pragraph with a straigthforward idea. 

I would change the the topic senctence since it is very broad and doenst clue into what species.

Im not sure if it was just a conversion error but there seems to be an error in the spacing between your lines