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Are Humans Still Evolving Intro Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by tedarling on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:57

With the advent of technological innovations, humans are now capable of modifying the environment at a previously unprecedented level. Advances in medicine, such as the development of penicillin, have saved countless lives. Modern agricultural methods have vastly improved the amount of food that can be harvested. Building towns and infrastructure has ensured that people are no longer isolated from each other. At first glance it may seem as though these recent changes in human history would halt evolutionary change. However, modern humans certainly still face challenges to survival and exhibit varying reproductive success - the fodder for evolution.



I would suggestrewriting the first sentence, and not starting it with. The concluding sentence is a great transition.

At times it seemed like the sentences were too wordy. In scientific writing, the writing should be as simplistic as possible.


There are 3 sentences in this paragraph that I beleive could be condensed into one sentence. The sentences describing the advancement and beenefit of medicine, agriculture and infrastructure could have been listed and then elaborated on with specific exmaples or more detail in folliwing sentences.