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Movement of Water- Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by benjaminburk on Sun, 02/11/2018 - 21:22

Water is one the most presen organic molecules on the planet. It is a foundation of organic life, without it humans are unable to survive. Water is a required reactant for various metabolic reactions, so one would be safe to assume that it moves from cell to cell with ease. And this is true most of the time water simply diffuses across the a membrane via a process of simple diffussion , called osmosis. This process though the most well know form of water movement is not the only way water moves through cells. Other processes include bulk flow, which is the movement of water and solutes due to pressure potential. This occurs in the xylem and phloem of plants. This transport as stated previously is primarily used to move large amounts of water throughout  system.  There is also the process of active transport, which normally occur when transporting over a membrane with very low permeability. In general water moves throughout the body and from cell to cell in various ways and without these processes life as we know it would cesae to exist. 



You have a few mistakes that could've been fixed by rereading. Not only the spelling errors but there are a few grammar mistakes as well. " move large amounts of water throughout  system." you seem to have missed a word between throughout and system." diffuses across the a membrane" you used the and a you should remove one of them.

"And this is true..." could have started with "This is true... . Sentence started with and unnecessary "and" .