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Submitted by liamharvey on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 11:35

Brachypodium distachyon is worthwhile to study because it is related to many of the grass species which we use for food, feed, and biomass; being closely related to rice, corn and wheat (Yang, et al., 2010). B. distachyon is a monocot, and because many monocot species are used for bioethanol production, it has become a model organism for advancing our understanding of species used to produce biofuels (Man Bo, et al., 2016). The plant is also excellent for laboratory use because of its quick regeneration time, small size, and compact genome (Yang, et al., 2010). B. distachyon is also well studied, and as a result its full genome had been sequenced and is an available resource for those studying it.



I think explaining what some of these terms are in more detail would be useful. For example, what is Brachypodium distachyon? monoct?

I believe that you do not need to include et al. in your in text citation, rather just the first author and year, although I could be wrong.


Each side of a semicolon should function as a complete sentence, "being closely related to rice, corn and wheat" does not make sense as a sentence.