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Larvae Observations in-class activity

Submitted by vvikhrev on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:15

The color of the larvae body is a creamy white with a black thin tail that is about 15 mm long. The tail is about one millimeter longer than the body itself. It appears that the tail is dead and stiff due to the black color. It moves around like a small caterpillar, shortening and lengthening with its bilaterally symmetrical and tiny legs. Its' organs are inside of a translucent cocoon that has very small ridges on the outside. There is some sort of hole in the front region from which a dark mouth pokes out every time it pulls itself forward. This could be a way that the larvae senses its immediate surroundings. The larvae is trying to escape over the edge of the container but appears to have a difficult time climbing up and out, probably due to its tail. It would be interesting to know what its optimal environment is and what stage of development it is in.



It is very interesting how you thought that the larvae was having a hard time climbing up the container due to its tail! But overall, great writing!

The observations are very detailed. The only thing is that punctuations are a little off. The conclusions you came up with were very reasonable from the observations you had.