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Maggot Observation

Submitted by mrmoy on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:19

The organism that was observed had a body length of about 1.5 cm when fully expanded and a tail length that was also about 1.5 cm. The body length when the organism was at rest, was about 1 cm. The organism had a smooth, light brownish, clear body. At the bottom of its body there appear to be small digits, which seem to assist the organism when it moves. The organism appears to have no eyes, relying on its sense of touch to locate and sense its surroundings. This is apparent when the organism stretches its body out to move. It appears that a tongue or mouth like receptor extends out to sense what’s in front of it. This could be the reason why the organism only moves in a forward direction. The range of this sensory receptor also seems to be limited because the organism would usually walk into the wooden chips or move them out of its way, rather than going around them and avoiding them.  When the organism was touched or when the container was moved, it would immediately stop moving. Lastly, the organism preferred to move toward the edges of the container and at times, it would climb over the container.



Overall, this is a very well written paragraph. It was very concise and to the point. Great job!

The way you structured your paragraph is very concise and pleasant to read. It gave me a good idea on how the larvae looks like and your description is very helpful especially for someone who hasn't seen the organism yet. I think that if you wrote your paragraph in present tense then it would read more thoroughly and be even more pleasant to read!

This paragraph was well written, and you described the organism pretty well. However, one thing that would have helped is if you provided a bit more quantitative data to it, for example, describe the number of digits that the maggot had.