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Yeast PP 2

Submitted by mglater on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 19:26

Yeast were plated and each plate was mutagenized by Dr. Loomis by exposing the plate to UV radiation for 9 seconds via a UV light box. Cells that turned red were allowed to grow into larger colonies to be used for the experiment. Four different mutant strains were produced, two of mating type A and two of mating type alpha. Yeast labelled “A” were of the A mating type, while yeast labelled “B” were of the alpha mating type. A YED plate was set up in a grid to perform crosses (Figure 2). Each side consisted of one mating type of non-mutant yeast (HA0/HB0), a known Ade1 mutant (HA1/HB1), a known Ade2 mutant (HA2/HB2), and the two mutant strains for that mating type (MA1/2, MB1/2). After one day of growth, the yeast were crossed in a gridwise manner. Two days later, the yeast were replica plated to an MV plate and an MV+Adenine plate (Figure 3). After three additional days of incubation, the yeast colonies were observed. The full procedures followed for all steps can be found on Moodle.




The paragraph is well detailed but better transitions could be used between the first and second sentence to relate what the next step was in your process of your experiement