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What I learned in statistics activity

Submitted by mkomtangi on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 11:47

Last spring semester I took ResEcon 212, which was a statistics class based on social sciences. The class was a team-based learning format and involved a huge project that would analyze the statistical data of a real-life problem, my group chose to measure the food wages within fast food employers and the amount of money spent. Throughout the course I learned about z-tables, mean, median, mode, correlational graphs, and how to use Microsoft excel to input statistical data.



I think this paragraph needs a better conclusion, maybe one final sentence tying together the project you did with the key terms that you mention, like "we specifically used this and this in our project and that is everything i remember"

I'm unsure of how formal this paragraph was supposed to be, but something other than "huge" when describing the project might be more suitable.