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Week 9 DNA Extraction PP

Submitted by jngomez on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 22:51

DNA extraction is a process used in many laboratory settings. It involves the purification of DNA from a sample using a combination of chemical and physical methods. The purpose of DNA extraction is to obtain DNA in a relatively purified form. Once the purifed form is obtained it can then be analyzed using PCR or sequencing the DNA. In a DNA extraction procedure there are essential components. Theses componenets include maximizing DNA recovery, removing inhibitors, removing or inhibiting nucleases, maximizing the quality of DNA, and double strand vs. single strand (RFLP or PCR). There are a variety of commonly used DNA extraction procedures. Any method one decides to use may be sample dependent, technique dependent, cost depedndent, or analyst preference. 



very well written paragraph. I would combine the last two sentences into a more concise sentence