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Week 5 Intro to Methods Project PP

Submitted by jngomez on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 15:41

The primary objective in this assignment is to obtain a diverse set of skills when composing a scientific literature piece. To learn about the aspects in writing and composing scientific writing entries. In particular, we focused on the methods section part of the composure. The methods section in a piece of scientific writing is an important aspect of an experiment because it illustrates to other prospering scientist what they carried out to obtain the results they desired. Every experimental procedure has an idea and hypothesis. Their method of proof could either fail or succeed. However, the primary objective is to be as detailed as possible so that others could replicate it and obtain similar results. A multi-panel figure was created to illustrate the plant species of our choice and it includes a detailed picture of the plant, the plant species as a whole, and a high-quality map depicting the origin of the species. For this project I choose Euphorbia pulcherrima euphorbiaceae, which is a plant found in Mexico and Guatemala.  



Sentence two reads like a fragmented sentece. I think it would help if you integrated it into the first sentence using commas.

Pluralize "scientist" in the fourth sentence.

The use of the word "prospering" to describe scientists does not quite fit, did you mean prospective?