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Week 14, Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by vvikhrev on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:06

We were interested in determining if there was any correlation between how many arthropods were in rooms and how far away the Morrill Greenhouses are. We found a very small insignificant correlation and a lot of our quantitative data deviated from the average. This probably means that there are other variables that play a role in how many arthropods (and spider webs) you can find in various windowsils. However, this proved to be a very interesting study because we can now compare our results with the results of the other groups that looked at other variables besides distance from the greenhouses such as temperature and distance to the reptile rooms. If we had more time, we would be interested to look at how outside temperaure compared to indoor temperature affects the arthropod count indoors. Also it would be helpful to know if room use also has any correlation with arthropod count in windowsills.



I dont't think you need to say insignificant, which is more of an interpretation.