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Website Validity

Submitted by rmirley on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 14:34

Website Validity

            The website being reviewed is about the conservation of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. Right off the bat you can tell that the website is well made. It features several tabs about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, including general information, FAQs, sightings, media presence, and even links to actual conservation websites. Despite the website’s sharp appearance however it does not hold up upon closer inspection. There are no actual references on the website to validate the Tree Octopuses existence. It simply states “facts” about the Tree Octopus in the hope that it looks official enough that you will believe it. Once you get to the “sightings” section you can also tell why this website is untrustworthy. While some images are well photoshopped, others simply show toy octopuses laid in tress while being covered by a few branches. It is fairly humorous, but also completely invalid. Finally, the website actually links real conservation websites in an attempt to trick those who didn’t delve too deep into the readings beforehand. While these conservation websites are indeed real they also have no mention of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus anywhere on it. These observations help to solidify that this website is not reliable, valid, or trustworthy. It is simply a joke meant to trick people who don’t pay close attention to detail.



In the fourth sentence, you write "the Tree Octopuses existence." I think this should be a possessive, as the octopus has the existence. This would make it "Octopus's" or "Octopus' " rather than "Octopuses."

In the sentence, "Despite the website’s sharp appearance however it does not hold up upon closer inspection.", the however is not necessary. It also may sound better if you replace the 'Despite' with 'Although'.