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Unknown Organism Observations

Submitted by rmirley on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:20

Unknown Organism Observations


  • Moves like a worm (expands and contracts)
  • Thin stretchable skin (nearly transparent)
  • Can see internal organs
  • Has a head that is used to feel out the environment ahead of it
  • Has a long thin pin-like tail (water motility?)
  • Tail largely unused when moving on land
  • Body roughly 1.5 cm long (1.75 cm when stretched) , and .5 cm wide                                                                              
  • Tail roughly 2.5 cm long
  • Has a correct orientation/” bottom side” (flips itself over before moving forward again when put upside-down)
  • Has small projections on the bottom side for traction
  • Tail is flexible



I feel that these bullet points should have been composed into a paragraph form. The observations included are concise and gives a clear idea of what you observed. I like how for some of the observations you included questions adjacent to them.This illustrates your thoughts throughout the obsrvations. Overall, observations are short and straight to the point without being too wordy. 


This is not what a paragraph should look like. These are just bullets. You should have included these in your paragraph along with your own insights as to what your observations may imply about the organism.