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Proposal PP

Submitted by mglater on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 21:28

Each of the eight teams will be assigned a location at different spots around the UMass campus. These spots are: next to the stream behind Sylvan dorms, in the woods across the street from Sylvan dorms, near the pond next to lot 44, next to the campus pond, near the water tower by the top of Orchard Hill, next to Mill River in a wooded area, next to Mill River close to the road, and in the garden outside of Franklin Dining Hall. Each team will use “Google Maps” to get the latitude and longitude of the specific spot they choose.




I like that you identified the spots and location. For the last sentence you could even say each group instead of saying each team to not be repetitive. 

a bit short but it is good. good explaination on locations and how groups will use the same resource to get locations