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Perfect Paragraph Abstract

Submitted by michaelkim on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 20:59

My methods project needs some work. I felt extremely rushed to create the methods for my partner so it wasn't really good for my partner to follow my directions. It was very interesting to see how my partner took my direction and made the legend. Also, because the directions or what I did was not clear, my partner's and my legend were off. I had 4 pictures and my partner had 3 which was the biggest difference. Overall, it was fun to follow the direction and try to create replication of my partner’s without giving the final product until the end. I found it amusing how we chose the same exact plant in the same exact place without discussing about it. Presenting in the class went smooth and it was interesting to see how different and similar everyone's were.



This is a nice paragraph and has a very casual tone. Causal tones are not always the best for scientific writing but I liked it.

Very nice paragraph, although avoid using words like "very interesting"