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Submitted by mkomtangi on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 14:57

I see tree bark samplings that resemble wood chips, there also appears to be a creature moving in this tiny plate, possibly eating the wood chips. It is moving about in a circular direction because of the limited space provided. It has a long end or tail, needle thin-like, it reminds me of a worm or millipede or centipede but shorter in its body structure. It is trying to climb out the bowl but the surface is too slippery for the creature to grasp and have a firm holding of the surface to exit. At first, I thought this creature was a plant until it started to move and it frightened me. It has transparent skin and fur or a fuzzy like texture on its body, probably for sensing what is in its environment and also a possible use for transportation and movement. At this moment, I do not believe the creature or insect is eating the woodchips, I think it is more of a comfort factor for the type of environment it dwells in. This creature is clearly an invertebrate by the way it travels in the dish. There are also no visible facial features such as eyes, nose, ears etc. I believe most of its body is sensory embowed. 



These were interesting observations. There were a lot of descriptive observations abouts what it looked like and how it behaved. The only reccomendation I would give would be to add more quantitative analysis to your observations. How long was it? Were the body and tail the same length? Is it the same width throughout? These are just a few examples

These are interesting observations. However, I think you should limit how many times you use phrases such as "I believe" or "I think." As readers, we already know and assume that these are your observations of what is in front of you, what you are thinking, and that it is in your own words.