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Observation of Mystery Larvae

Submitted by crmckenzie on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:08

The creature that we were given to observe is partially transparent and long in shape. Its tail is slightly longer than its body, at about 2 cm, and the body is about 1.5 cm. The creature moves slowly in a slinking motion similar to the way that an inchworm moves. The creature is covered in a fuzzy white film aside from the very end of its tail. There is a thin dark line dividing the creature’s body into two sides. Dark spots, what may be eyes, are centered at the front of the creature’s head. The creature may not be able to see but can sense its surroundings in some way. It appears to be eating the wooden flakes and these flakes are visible in its torso in what are most likely its intestines. The specimen keeps arching its anterior and continues to move in a slinking motion. Whenever the container is moved or the creature can sense a change in environment, the creature freezes and for about thirty seconds. The creature prefers the edge of the container, moving in a ciorcular motion. It occasionally pokes its anterior upwards and touches the wall of the container, attempting to escape. I would like to know how this creature reacts in warmer and cooler temperatures and how it would interact with others of its kind. Other questions I have include: Can it move faster when provoked? Why does it play dead when it senses change? Does this creature bite? Has it finished growing? How does it reproduce? Where are its pain receptors?



You seem to mention the lifting of the anterior twice, separated by a sentence making a separate point. I would suggest combining the two sentences where the anterior lifting is mentioned into one, more detailed sentence.

These types of maggots we were given are not completely transparent like you said however they only allow little bits of light or some light to pass through them which by definition makes them translucent. 

The statement "the creature freezes and for about thirty seconds" is awkward: it sounds incomplete.