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Momoiro Island Data Set Figure 1 (Matthew Parkllan, Liam Gorman, Austin Meserole)

Submitted by mparkllan on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 15:05

Figure 1: Momoiro Island data set

There are a few conclusions that can be made from these data. One is that Male GPA is slightly higher than female, however further statistical analysis could reveal whether this slight difference is statistically significant. Another is that male and female higher GPA values are correleted with more hours of sleep. A third conclusion that can be made is that male GPA does not improve with hours studied, and female GPA does corellate to increased hours studied. A final conclusion that can be made is that males that study more tend to sleep less while females who study more also sleep more.

Our group decided to remove 4 outliers. The first was row 1, which had a GPA value of 4.95 which is impossible. The second was row 9 because the gender was "other" and made the one piece of data impossible to compare to the rest of the group. The third outlier was row 19 and it was removed because they slept 235 hours per week, which would be considered impossible. The final outlier was row 47, and it was removed because the hours studied was 99 hours, which would also be considered impossible.