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Methods project Results and discussion

Submitted by michaelkim on Sun, 03/04/2018 - 15:16

I didn’t write how many pictures I had taken and what it consisted of in my methods. My original had 4 pictures as my partner only had 3 which is the main or the biggest difference. I included the name of the plant and my partner didn’t because I did not specify which picture I had used. Also, I didn’t write where I was standing or the position of where the picture was taken and what part of the plant I took a picture of. A is the zoomed in picture of the blossom of the tree in both figures but different blossom was used due to the lack of my description of which blossom it exactly was. Also, the fonts and the size of the fonts used to letter each panels are different. Figure 1 and 2 both have text boxes around the letters yet Figure 1 has a lighter background compared to the darker background in the Figure 2. B in Figure 1 is the name of the plant as B in FIgure 2 is the zoomed out version of the tree with its blossom. C in Figure 1 is the zoomed out picture of the plant or tree itself just like the B in Figure 2 however C in Figure 2 is the map of where the plant comes from. Due to its mismatch in the numbers of the pictures used, Figure 1 has the letter D that shows the map of where the plant comes from just like the Figure 2 C. The location and the position altered the picture that was taken for Figure 1 and 2. Also, the fact that many flowers including my own flower I have chosen were harvested at Durfee conservatory did not help the case of replicating the same figures. Many other factors are included such as the camera that was used, lighting of the room, lack of directions, and arrows.



" the darker background in the Figure 2."

You do not need to use the word "the" before Figure 2. It is unessecary and disrupts the flow of the sentence. This could have been removed/fixed by rereading the paragraph out loud.


the phrase int he first sentence "biggest diference" seems to be vauge and subjective.  Also, stating the difference is both the main and the biggest seems somewhat redundant.