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Submitted by sworkman on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:40

I made a multi panel figure that displays photographs of a flowering plant and a map of the plants origin. The plant I chose is a Cattleya hybrid known as Cattleya ‘War Paint’. Cattleya is a type of orchid that can be found anywhere from Costa Rica south to Argentina.

I found this plant in the Durfee Conservatory located on the campus of Umass Amherst. I entered the conservatory from its front entrance, near Thatcher Way and went through the building until reaching the Epiphyte/Vine House. There were shelves of plants on the right side of the room and the Cattleya was the first one in the row. I took three photographs of the plant. The first was taken from the front which included the entire plant and pot with the tag “Cattleya ‘War Paint’” showing. The plant had two flowers, one to the rear and one lower and in front; I took a close up of the front flower next to a ruler in mm for my other two photographs. One is with the ruler horizontal against the flower and the other is with the ruler vertical.





When writing in scientific voice, you should avoid writing in first person. Also this is a perfect paragaph, meaning only one paragraph.

The last sentence could be clearer, maybe rephrase to "one picture displays the horizontal measurement of the flower while the other displays the vertical measurement".