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Methods Paragraph 1

Submitted by rmirley on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 21:02

The plant that was photographed was the Blc Momilani Rainbow, otherwise known as “The Gypsy”. The plant was photographed in the Vine House of the Durfee Conservatory. The conservatory was entered from the rear entrance (opposite the street). The plant was located near the middle of the left wall of the second room. The plant was photographed from a distance a few feet away so the entire plant could be captured, as well as an up close shot that captured only the flower itself. 



I like that your straightforward in describing the methods and getting to the plant but I feel you could add a bit more details. Like maybe how far they should stand from the plant and where the plant originates. 

I think it would have been helpful to the person recreating the photo if you indicated which exact flower they should take a picture of, as there could be multiple on the plant.

Since this is the first paragraph of your methods project, you do not need to use the first sentence you used because as readers we already know that your flower is Blc Momilani Rainbow.