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Marineford Group 2 (lgiron, mrmoy)

Submitted by lgiron on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 14:35

Figure 1. Marineford. Graphs of the difference of GPA, hours slept per week, and hours studied per week based on gender. Two outliers have been removed to normalize the data set. Based on the data, females on average slept more hours than males and had a higher average GPA. The data between hours slept and GPA showed a positive correlation in males meaning that when males got more hours of sleep, there gpa went up. This is also true about the female data, but it is not as significant. Based on the data, females on average studied more hours than males. The data shows a positive relationship for the males, thus the more the males studied, the better they did. The female data showed no relationship, meaning that hours studied had no corelation to their GPA. On average, females slept more than males. However, based on the data, the effect of hours slept on hours studied showed no correlation in the female data. The male data showed a negative relationship meaning that the more hours the males slept, the less hours they spent studying.