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Invented Mammal P5 PP

Submitted by crmckenzie on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 14:53

McKenzie explains that "their fur is slick as they love being in the water, and they swim to cool off.” She informed us that they are believed to mate at all times of the year, but mostly near the end of the wet season, as their gestation period is about four months long and the females prefer to raise their young in the thick of the dry season where anacondas are less likely to strike, as anacondas mate and burrow in the mud during the dry season (Largest Snake). The Snanker is quite territorial, as a dominant male claims his own stretch of bank and selects a few females, then uses a special gland to mark his territory. The Snanker is thought to reach sexual maturity at around the age of four, and the dominant male chases young males off of his territory once they reach the age of two.




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