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Fly Larvae Observations

Submitted by jngomez on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:20

After closely observing and using the tools given to me I have concluded that it is some larvae like creature. The organism contains a tail, what appears to be little legs in pairs, and the body is covered in a layer of tissue. The tail attached to the specimen reminds me of a flagellum. This makes me conclude that the tail contributes to the organism’s movement and could also be of use for sensing the environment. It scrunches in and then out to continue moving around the tray. In addition, it has a light brown color that is transparent and one could see the inside of the organism. It has a white core inside it and a layer over it to protect the main body. The organism moves around the specimen tray to get a sense of its new environment and its surroundings. It is bilaterally symmetrical. It’s layer of tissue surrounding it appears to be sticky since the bits of shredded tree bark stick to the organism. The body is about 1.5 cm long. The tail came out to be about 1.6 cm. A total of about 3.1 cm long in length. It is a small organism whose defenses seem to be minimal.  Some of the questions that arose while observing were what kind of environment is preferable for the organism to sustain life? What is it closely related to? What kinds of foods does it eat? Is it an herbivore or a carnivore? What is its method of reproduction? Is it a male or female? Is the tail essential? 



First sentance after "me" and before "I" you should start a new sentance.

A couple of your sentences where you talk about the length of the larva are a little choppy and could be connected using commas.