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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Pt. 4

Submitted by mkomtangi on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 13:51

The next step towards alleviating, or attempting to alleviate the controversy of embryonic stem cell research is to communicate much more strongly the steps toward developing the research; from obtaining the embryos, how the testing is implemented, and what occurs after. Evidently the opinions of morality and ethics towards embryonic stem cell research will not change rapidly or even at all, but if there is a better understanding of what is being down then there will be less opposition towards furthering research and study. This new form of communication could occur more through public talks, books, web blogs, journals, brochures, and through social media. Progress can be made in medical world with embryonic stem cell research, while still respecting various opinions and ideals. Communication is key.




At the end of the first sentence, you don't finish the use of "from x to y", you only include "from". I would suggest replacing "and what occurs after" with "to what occurs after."