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Chemotaxis Lab

Submitted by mkomtangi on Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:28

I began my experiment by collecting and labeling two petri dishes, I then added molten GYE to the label portions of my plates and let it solidify. After I added molten water agar into the halves of the petri dishes, again letting it solidify. I then put two pieces of filter paper on the plates creating a bridge for the bacteria to move throughout, I then inoculated the organism on each strip of paper at opposite points from each other, creating a diagonal cross.

    My results for the experiment were again conclusive to my hypothesis. The Serratia marcescens showed large amounts of growth on the inoculated region of GYE and minimal growth on the inoculated region of the water agar, indicating that the organism was attracted to the GYE agar and moved in the directions towards the agar. As for the Enterococcus faecalis, there was hardly any growth on the inoculated water agar, and there was minimal growth on the inoculated GYE region of the dish, proving the the organism is nonmotile, as it hardly moved towards the chemical attractant.




When writing in science, you should avoid using first person. Your sentence flow is also strange, a lot of words could be cut out to make the paragraph more concise. In addition, this should only be one paragraph, not two.


Instead of using added again maybe use the word inserted to avoid being repetitive. 

Most of your sentences are run ons and contain multiple statements, splitting them up into separate sentences would increase clarity.