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1/26/18 Larvae Observations

Submitted by liamharvey on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:14

The organism is about 26mm in total length. This organism has a spherical body and long, thin tail. The tail length is about 15mm and the body length is about 11mm. It's body is about 3mm wide. The organism is a tan color but is see-through. Inside the body are visible and symmetric organs, some of which are white and some are dark. The white organs appear to make a figure-eight structure around the darker organs.  The organism moves similar to a caterpillar in that it perorms an abduction/adduction movement. At first the organism did not move. After some time, however, it began to wriggle around. The movement of the organism seems to be random, with no path or direction. It often flips over and rolls around. The eyes are not visible; perhaps the tail functions for environment sensation. The tail is longer than the body by about 5mm. It does not appear to have any appendages. There are however, small bumps on its underside which may be functional is movement or traction. Based on it's random movement it is likely that the organism is in a juvenile stage. 



You did a great job describing the organism, I like how you provided the exact measurements and in-detail descriptions of the organism. However, there was some issues with the flow of this paragraph, for example, "At first the organism did not move." is a very short short sentence that wouldve been better off combined with the next one.