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Great Human Odessey Review

Submitted by benjaminburk on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:13

The video “Great Human Odyssey” is an informative video that walks the viewer through important discoveries made throughout history that help construct the timeline of homo sapien evolution. The overall message of the video is that Homo sapiens as a species are extremely adaptive and are the only species in the world that has been able to cover the entire globe and conquer all types of climates and terrains. Also the video drives home the idea that this adaptive nature is what allowed Homo sapiens to avoid mass extinction, a fate that wiped their ancestors out and pushed them as a species to the brink. I enjoyed the examples of current groups that live like the ancestors, for example the Sans Bushmen who use the “persistent hunting” technique in order to hunt prey, this is the same technique scientists believe that the Sans’ ancestors used when hunting game. I did find that at some points the video was a little bit dry and very heavy with information. But overall I found the video interesting and enjoyable.