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Submitted by mglater on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 13:54

The use of different phones caused a difference in image quality. The creator of Fig. 1 used an android phone, while the creator of Fig. 2 used an iPhone. The two styles each have their own type of camera, and as such the image comes out looking slightly different. The difference in card used to measure the flower is also a result of differences between the two photographers. The photographer for Fig. 1 chose to use a “Dunkin Donuts” gift card to provide scale, an object which the photographer for Fig. 2 did not have. Fig. 2 contains the back of a “Ucard”, which was chosen by the second photographer due to its similar shape and size to the gift card.




I like how you identified the differences noticed between the multipanel figures, try adding a little more detail and specify wheter certain methods that were implemented were stated in the actual methods section and thoroughly followed.