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Submitted by jngomez on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:02

Unknown Organism

           The unknown organism appears to have a tail-like structure attached to it. This reminds me of a flagellum used to move around the specimen tray. It appears to have no legs and uses its body to move. It scrunches in and then out to continue moving around the tray. In addition, it has a light brown color to it that is transparent and you could see the inside of the organism. From what I can see without cutting into the organism is that it has a white core inside it and the layer over it could be protecting the main body. That is from harm and any other substances. It also appears to be sticky since the bits of shredded tree bark stick to the organism. This makes me conclude that it might be sticky. When I first observed it, the organism appears to be worm-like. It also seems rugged. The organism is moving around the tray so my observation is its getting a sense of its new environment it was put in and the surroundings. Looks like a maggot as well as larvae. It is bilaterally symmetrical.  

           Just measuring the body, it is about 1.5 cm long. After measuring the tail, it came out to be about 1.6 cm. in total a body length of ~3.1 cm long. It is small organism whose defenses seem to be minimal. It continues to examine its surroundings. My questions are what kind of environment is preferable for the organism to sustain life. What is it closely related to? What kinds of foods does it eat? Is it an herbivore or a carnivore? What is its method of reproduction. Is it a male or female? 


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