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Week 9 Draft 2

Submitted by jngomez on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 14:03

Identity and purity were assessed. Analyzation methods of the products obtained included Gas Chromatography and IR spectroscopy. When obtaining the IR analysis, it illustrated the bonds contained in the product obtained. There is a singlet peak present in the IR analysis at around 1450 cm-1. This indicates the double bond between two carbons. The significant peak signified at the 3000 cm-1 may indicate an impurity which may be due to the presence of water. In addition, there is a quadruplet present at around 1600 cm -1. The gas chromatography illustrated that 100% of the area fell under one peak indicating that the product was made up of only cyclohexene and had a retention rate of 0.058. It also indicates in the gas chromatography that the total area is 9596.