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Week 7 Draft 6

Submitted by jngomez on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 19:07

There was also the discussion of using a silibinin which inhibits non-small cell lung cancer metastasis by targeting a pathway known as the EGFR/LOX pathway. When LOX is inhibited it could lead to a collagen cross-linking deficiency, however, when upregulated can promote metastasis of existing tumors.  It permits for cancer cells to move and inhabit a new environment. This means we could draw out attention to LOX and its role in lung adenocarcinoma patients. The drug silibinin and EGFR inhibitor was able to inhibit NSLC cell migration and decrease tumor metastasis through a EGFR/LOX dependent manner. From the journal article, “Silibinin Inhibits NSCLC Metastasis by Targeting the EGFR/LOX Pathway,” LOX is controlled by HIF-1α under a state of deprived oxygen and is prompted by TGF-β in cancer cells