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Week 7 Draft 4

Submitted by jngomez on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 17:47

Although we have not yet looked at a direct target or method of treatment to prevent the cancer cells from migrating to other parts there are useful articles that have served as templates. In the article titled, “Tumor Exosomal RNAs Promote Lung Pre-Metastatic Niche Formation by Activating Alveolar Epithelial TLR3 to Recruit Neutrophils,” it discusses how lung epithelial cells are key for starting neutrophil recruitment and lung metastatic niche formation. This is done so by sensing tumor exosomal RNA through TLR3. TLR3 stands for toll like receptor 3. TLR3 is a nucleotide-sensing TLR and it is activated by double-stranded RNA, this means there is a viral infection. It plays a role in adaptive immunity and pathogen recognition. The TLR3 pathway is activated when there is exposure to cigarettes, viruses, or other pathogens. After performing some research on the TLR pathways it has also been known to be involved in apoptosis.