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Week 7 Draft 2

Submitted by jngomez on Tue, 03/06/2018 - 22:13

 I took Statistics 240 course with Joanna Jeneralczuk during the fall 2017 semester. Throughout this course I learned about the basics of probability, binomial and normal distributions, Central Limit Theorem, simple linear regression, sampling distribution of the population mean and proportion, how to use the Z and T table, and etc. At the end of this course the core objective was to learn how to analyze data and draw inferences. In addition, to know how to present data graphically and interpret them. As well as recognize whether reported results correlate with the study and analysis conducted. From this course, a key component that was helpful in my other courses was probability since it also became useful in my genetics course. It is a key idea because probability is a component that comes up a lot throughout the biology courses I have taken. It is a topic that is also relevant in our lives. For genetics we had to determine the probability that out of three children one will come out with blue eyes given the parents genotype.