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week 14 draft 6 Elevator speech

Submitted by jngomez on Thu, 04/26/2018 - 12:37


For our experiment we choose to analyze and present the correlation between temperature in celsius versus number of arthropods present. When referring to number of arthropods present we took into account living and nonliving arthropods. The buildings we decided to examine were situated right on campus and available to all peers and faculty. These buildings were Morrill III versus Morrill IV South and access to these buildings and rooms to examine windowsills was no problem. They are positioned opposite from each other at each end of the Morrill building complexes. It has been known that when temperatures are warm the attraction of arthropods is high. So we decided to support this notion and take data for ourselves. We collected data during the afternoons around 2-4 for two weeks and had slightly different numbers each time. Factors that could have contributed to this was the warm and cold weathers that fluctuate throughout the weeks. The reason we choose these buildings was because of Morrill III close proximity to the Morrill Greenhouse and Morrill IV being close to the Reptile Exhibit which is a highly warm environment. We want to support that having high temperatures will mean an increase in arthropods present in the windowsills. As you can see in our data the trend is that when there was a high temperature recording there was also a high number of arthropods present.