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Week 14 Draft 2 "Humanities"

Submitted by jngomez on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 15:42

The main task of humanities as stated in the article is, “to promote understanding of other cultures ways of living and to emphasize the importance of every human life, which is something that should never be devalued.” I think this is a key sentence to take away and that is being open-minded about the stuff that surround you and being creative to make a change in a problem that is presented. The way students are taught today requires them not to use their senses and just memorize facts. That shouldn’t be the case because that means limiting their way of thinking. Arts are building a visual experience where all senses are employed and the creation of creative solutions. There is not just one single solution but an infinite amount.  Humanities holds a significant value outside the school system and that is in our government and positions held there. Even an important position of being the president of our nation. Our previous president, Barack Obama, even took courses for 2 years at a liberal arts college which aided him in maturing and comprehending the world and that’s all due to a rounded education that emphasized on humanities.  Humanities can be applied in foreign relations and diplomacy.