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Week 14 Draft 1 "Humanities"

Submitted by jngomez on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 15:19

The author states this because humanities studies value has decreased and not much know the value it holds to our society and nation as a whole. Most believe that is has no value in our educational system like other courses like science and math do. This has been demonstrated through vast cuts in the educational system to humanities and arts studies. They feel that subjects like science and math are more significant and applicable in life due to the advancement in technology which has shifted the mind from liberal arts studies to technological advancement. Essentially, what has led the contemporary society to devalue the humanities is the shift of focus and thought to science, math and technology because they deserve more attention and are practical. Unlike, humanities and arts which is thought to be not worth much of their time. However, arts and humanities still play vast roles in the government and understanding the world as a whole that is comprehending diverse sets of cultures that surround us and being open-minded.