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Week 13 Draft 6 Yeast Genetics Lab Abstract

Submitted by jngomez on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:11

The purpose of this experiment was to examine the life cycle of yeast, its genetics aspect, investigate the different types of gene complementation through genetic crosses, as well as analyze ultraviolet radiation treated yeast cells. This was observed through either a rich medium known as YED media or a minimal media known as MV media. Yeast was examined through its life cycle of going from haploid to diploid to its haploid form again. During this experiment, the haploid strains that were utilized were HB1, HA0, HA1, and HA2. One haploid strain that was able to proficiently synthesize adenine was HA0. The reason being because it has no mutations in ADE genes versus the others which did contain ade mutations. The objective is to see whether complementation is observed and how the genetic crosses come into play. Analyzing the ade gene mutations they contain and how it contributes to growth of colonies of yeast cells.