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Tetrad Analysis

Submitted by rmirley on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 22:01

For the tetrad dissection crosses, since it is now known that HB1 and HA2 complement each other, their genotypes were able to be figured out at (ade1-/ade2+) for HB1 and (ade1+/ade2-) for HA2. Knowing this information, the parental ditypes (PD) can be determined as (ade1-/ade2+) and (ade1+/ade2-). This means that the non-parental ditypes (NPD) are (ade1+/ade2+) (ade1-/ade2-) and the tetratypes (TT) are (ade1+/ade2-), (ade1-/ade2+), (ade1+/ade2+), and (ade1-/ade2-).