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Structure of Scientific Literature Draft 1

Submitted by mparkllan on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 10:42

The first paper titled: Origin matters: widely distributed native and non-native species benefit from different functional traits uses some generic headings such as introduction or materials and methods,. however it also uses some sub headings in larger sections to help organize its information. As an example the materials and methods section has a new heading whenever a new aspect of the study is being discussed, such as moving on from species selection, to what traits of that species will be looked at. Another thing that I noticed about this article is that the same sub heading will be used under two different main headings to explain how different aspects relate to each other throughout the paper.In the second paper titled: Non-native species and rates of spread: lessons from the brackish Baltic Sea there are fewer headings and far fewer subheadings used. Compared to paper 1 all the different aspects of the things being looked at are not separated by subject. While they both use headings to clarify what is being talked about, the second paper’s structure is harder to follow. One paper is more of an amalgamation of studies designed to talk about the effects of invasive species and the characteristics that lead to both their survival and the survival of native species and the other looks at the rates of invasive species in particular areas. Both papers are structured to discuss relevant information and then present their findings in organized ways.