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Staph infection consequences

Submitted by ameserole on Thu, 04/05/2018 - 22:11

If proteins are able to enter the filtrate through the basement membrane, they will slow the total rate of glomerular filtration. This filtration rate is largely governed by Starling forces, and the equation for this is GFR = Kf [(Pc-Pb)-(Πc)]. In this equation (Πc) represents the “Glomerular Capillary Oncotic Pressure”. Under normal condition, this value would be set to zero as no proteins would be able to permeate the membrane and enter the capillaries. With glomerulonephritis, proteins can permeate the membrane. In the equation this value is subtracted from other values, meaning any positive non-zero rate would have a slowing effect on Glomerular filtration.