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Single Payer Healthcare Reform- Emotional Argument

Submitted by drosen on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 20:05

Despite the mounting supportive evidence, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and republican representatives have claimed that transition to universal coverage would lead to increased costs and ultimately a socialist state of health care. (Galea). However, this is a false narrative that I suspect is meant to prey on the fear of generations who existed during the cold war, where the fear of a communist-socialist superpower was ingrained. In actuality, a single-payer system is only a universal health care system, however, medicine can still be performed by private practitioners as seen in Canada. (Rice). Furthermore, physicians as well as government officials at the state level are allowed flexibility in process so long as the main goal of universal care is achieved. (Galea) In addition, Canada’s single payer system has allowed them to spend over 6% less of its GDP on health care than the United States, showing that this system is not inherently more expensive. (Martin).