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Scientific Consensus of Embryonic Stem Cell Resear

Submitted by mkomtangi on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 15:07

All through the controversy and misunderstanding, scientists still fight for the consensus of embryonic stem cell research. Political action has also been taken towards stem cell research as policies have been put in place to limit research. Basic requirements such as informed consent on obtaining embryos for research have been added to help respect the diverse views on the topic. The procedure for obtaining the embryos has come under backlash as the early embryo has to be destroyed in stem cell research, this infuriates those who are against the research. However the embryos used for the research are often donated from in-vitro fertilization clinics, mostly from failed implantations or from excess embryos that would have been eventually destroyed due to overstock. These lines or limitations on the embryonic stem cell research have been ordered under both the Bush administration and recently under the Obama administration.