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Protein and Renal problems

Submitted by lgiron on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 13:59

            A study on a healthy 27-year-old patients who has taken a reportedly safe concentration of Whey protein was found to have a profound case of jaundice due to his protein and creatine intake, therefore linking back to a kidney malfunction. The laboratory tests had concluded elevated bilirubin concentrations in his liver which is the yellow pigmentation due to the breakdown of hemoglobin. The individual had been using Whey protein 4 weeks and creatine 9 weeks, prior to the arrival of the symptoms. They concluded that the supplements were the cause of his kidney malfunction. I do not believe this case study has sufficient evidence or relevance in the represented topic. One reason being that it is a single subject which leaves error to be great. Another reason being that he had been taking other supplements that could have caused his profound case of jaundice. Their assumption is not fully backed by a vast trial but rather a single case (Whitt et al. 2008).