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Submitted by jonathanrubi on Tue, 05/01/2018 - 17:44

In this experiment, we sought to understand the effects of tree management techniques by the University of Massachusetts - Amherst compared with the surrounding town of Amherst on tree health, ecological diversity, and safety hazards. UMASS-Amherst characterizes the tree management needs as a strategy for the removal of hazardous conditions and improving the overall wellbeing of the trees including, ruining, irrigation, fertilization, cabling and other programs on an “as need” basis. In abandoned, unmanaged areas, research has shown that species diversity is increased particularly those that are dependent on tree coverage. Tree management also been shown to have a positive effect on invasive species and a negative effect on native species. By observing trees in the jurisdiction of the university and those in the surrounding area, we were able to identify differences in factors related to overall tree health, safety hazards and ecological diversity.