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Physics lab

Submitted by mduque on Fri, 03/02/2018 - 13:52

In this  lab we investigated the properties of magnetism and magnetic induction. We are using the knowledge that there is a magnetic field that mediates the force between magnetic objects. We were able to show  how magnetic fields can generate an electric current and how electric currents generate magnetic fields. First, we used a compass and magnet to show how magnets interact at opposite poles. Then, we utilized a magnet and coil combination to show how magnetic fields can generate current. Lastly, we used a two-coil system to prove there was a voltage across the terminals of the second coil.

Magnetic flux is basically the number of magnetic field lines that passes through a closed surface. Magnetic flux depends on and is also equal to the product of surface area and magnetic field. It depends on it changing with time. When a magnetic is near a compass and the south pole of the compass needle is pointing at the magnetic, the needle’s point must be at the north pole of the magnet (a compass needle is simply a small magnet balanced on a pin). We then can infer that when the compass needle is exposed to a magnetic field it will pivot (because it wants to  align with the field lines of the magnet). This is because the north pole will repel the north pole of the magnet and vise versa with south. On the other hand, the north pole will attract the south-pole (opposites attract).



I would avoid phrases like "is basically"