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Submitted by lgiron on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 14:34

*Christmas Tree Picture* This is a christmas tree covered in colorful string lights. The Battery in this circuit would be the wall outlet in which the lights plug into. Each individual bulb in the series acts as an individual resistor. The direction  of the electrical field moved through the wire, into each bulb and once it reaches the last bulb it loops back and meets with the plug in the outlet. As for the high and low potential areas, the high potential area is the beginning of the wire leaving the socket heading toward the lights and the low potential are is on the other side of the wire that is leaving the last bulb of the series and meeting the plug back at the outlet. The current is moving from the outlet, through the lights and ending back at the outlet traveling from high potential to low potential. The electrons and the force would be moving in the opposite direction of the current. This explaination is for a physics unit in which we are learning about circuits including voltage, resistors, and the flow of current.