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Observations on Figures 14

Submitted by mparkllan on Fri, 02/16/2018 - 15:56

Their are a few similarities and differences between these two figures on page 14. Both figures include two birds eye view pictures and one on the ground of roughly the same location, but the exact locations, zoom levels, and times of day appear to be the most obvious differences. The first figure's ground level picture is on a cloudy day and you can see the church, the library, and 3 fountains of the campus pond while the second figure's ground level picture is on a bright sunny day and only includes two fountains, the church and the library. Out of the two birds eye pictures of each figure, one shows a more developed metawampe lawn with grass and concrete ramps while the other picture of each figure has what seems to be just pathes of dirt in certain areas. Another similarity between the two birds eye pictures that i noticed is that th foliage around the campus pond between the two figures almost make the campus pond look like a different shape, like trees were added and they hide the real waterfront of the campus pond. Another difference between the two birds eye shots in each figure is that the one with more dirt patches also seems to include small buildings that are replaced with grass in the other shot.

One inference that I think can be made is that the two birds eye shots of each figure are to compare the before and after. Today the metawampe lawn and the other grass areas looks like they do right now while the other resembles what I would guess the areas looked like before development.